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'The Entertainment's Here' and What's Coming Next

So much depends


an unfocused


how it looks +


art lost in


AJR lyric from “Next Up Forever” - "This is my imagination/this is how it looks and sounds/…I wanna be next up forever/so the best is always yet to come"

I have always struggled with motivation. The musical group AJR has been my favorite for some time and their lyrics are always very thought provoking. I have found that they tend to spark images in my mind. Translating them into words or pictures on paper has given me copius amounts of creativity that I had struggled to come up with before.

The first tip I can give out when burnt out or struggling with new ideas, go back to the roots.

What do you enjoy?

What makes you smile?

Then ask yourself why. What about it makes it so wonderful. AJR is so wonderful because you can listen to their music regardless of your mood - the tune may be happy, but the lyrics take on another meaning when you feel down.

Illustrate and create on that feeling.

Keep the pen flowing

Tempo holding

Up, my thoughts have disappeared

Make sure you’re eyeing

The goal, keep the picture

Crystal clear

The panic’s showing

Cameras rolling, I’m guessing 

the writers ran out of ideas

Volume up

Lights flashing

Focus on what interferes

Art takes a little time

Just push on ahead

Rest, Record, and Persevere

AJR lyric from "The Entertainment’s Here” - "the show must go on, but I’m guessing that the writers ran out of ideas again"

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